Be Sure You Ask These Questions When Considering a Skip Bin Hire

Dealing with the odors and overall condition of garbage bins can be challenging. Learn ways to keep garbage bins clean and in good order.

Be Sure You Ask These Questions When Considering a Skip Bin Hire

26 October 2015
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A skip bin hire from a company like Binshoot Bin Hire can be a good choice for a variety of reasons: when you're doing some spring cleaning or are moving, when you have a special project at the office that will mean creating more trash than usual and, of course, for renovation and repair projects. Not all skip bins are alike and hiring one might be more complicated than you realize, so note a few questions to ask when considering a skip bin hire.

1. Can it be placed on public land?

If you need to put your skip bin on any type of public land such as a public park, nature preserve, or even a school parking lot, you may need a special permit to do this. In some areas it may also be prohibited; even putting the bin on a sidewalk outside your own home may be forbidden. Unless the bin will be kept on private property, don't assume that you can place it just anywhere but ask if there are additional permits or regulations for your area to consider.

2. Are all heavy materials allowed?

Tossing out old furniture and kitchen cabinets during a remodel may not pose a problem, but chances are your skip bin rental agency has a list of what are called heavy materials. These materials may not be allowed or you may need to pay an additional fee to put them in the bin. Heavy materials usually include bricks, concrete, pavers or any type of stone, and even roofing tiles and shingles. These may also include floor tiles of any material including ceramic and laminate, and heavy types of glass such as mirrors or windows. Ask for a list of heavy materials before you choose a skip bin for hire and ensure you know any extra fees you might face.

3. Are there bins for recyclable or green items?

If you know you'll be tossing out items that can be recycled, you might ask if they can provide different bins for these materials. This can ensure that these materials are actually recycled. If you're doing any renovation to your house, you might have a bin for wood, one for glass such as for windows, or one for natural stones that you're removing from your kitchen floor. Be having different bins or just one for green and recyclable materials, you can keep the materials separate and avoid having to pick through all your debris in order to remove recyclable items.

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