Two Tips To Discourage Dumpster Divers From Making A Mess On Your Property

Dealing with the odors and overall condition of garbage bins can be challenging. Learn ways to keep garbage bins clean and in good order.

Two Tips To Discourage Dumpster Divers From Making A Mess On Your Property

27 October 2016
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Dumpster diving is the act of foraging through dumpsters or skip bins in search of free food or other products that can be used or sold. An interesting news story published in 2015 outlined the different types of people who dumpster dive and what they are looking for. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the homeless who do it. Commerical business dumpsters are not the only type of bin targeted by dumpster divers, so when you are organising a skip bin to be delivered to your home for a spring clean out, use these two tips to discourage potential divers from leaving a mess behind.

Remove Recyclables

Dumpster divers are looking for things to used or sold for cash. During a property cleanup or renovation, they are mainly looking for recyclable items to be sold for easy money. Scrap metal, for example, can be taken to a metal recycling plant and sold.

If you don't want divers looking in your skip bin for recyclables they can sell to make money, sell these items yourself. Leave a note taped to the bin advising there are no such elements in the skip bin so the dumpster divers know not to bother. By taking this action, not only do you make a little extra money for yourself, but a diver is less likely to spend their time rifling through a bin for something that is not there.

Make Prized Items Easily Accessible

When loading items into the skip bin, get into the mindset of a dumpster diver and question whether each piece is something of value. Broken pieces of drywall, for example, are unlikely to be attractive to anyone. An antique lamp, on the other hand, could very well be wanted. Put valued or unusual items aside until you have finished loading the skip bin.

Once the loading is complete, put the interesting objects on the kerb with a free sign on them. These will quickly be snapped up by bargain hunters moving through the neighbourhood. This method ensures that objects aren't being thrown out of the skip bin while the dumpster diver is on a treasure hunt to see what you have.

Legally there is not a lot you can do to stop dumpster diving, but following this advice means when your skip bin arrives, you don't have to worry too much about divers swooping in and leaving a huge mess behind for you to clean up.

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